How often should I get a massage?

How often you should get a massage depends on your needs, your budget and your stress levels. Massage has significant health benefits that are best experienced when you get massage regularly.

Typically, once every week or two is ideal for keeping your muscle tissue pliable and in good shape, if you can afford it. If you are in chronic pain or have a special issue to address, you might need to come weekly (or even twice a week) until you feel better, then find the routine that works best for you and your budget.

Once you’re feeling good, once a month is probably the minimum for maintaining the health of your tissue. If you start stretching the massages out too far, then your muscles can revert to their old patterns and you’ll have to start all over again to restore their suppleness and pliancy. Listen to your body, but don’t wait too long in an effort to save money.

Make sure you find a good massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and whose style you like. You might even want to have a few different therapists you can call on. They all have their own styles and specialties. Sometimes your body might need a vigorous deep tissue massage and sometimes something gentler. Feel free to ask Melissa for a referral to find a therapist that might suit your needs.

What should I expect for my first massage?

Reception Area

Our office is conveniently located (inside of Bakeris Family Chiropractic) in a clean, modern, quiet professional building with ample parking. We are open by appointment, Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 7pm. Our friendly staff will greet you and have you fill out an intake form.

Massage Room

After initial consultation, we can customize those needs by integrating a variety of techniques. You’ll be asked to undress in private, down to whatever amount of clothing you feel comfortable. You may also choose to stay fully clothed. Then, lying down on a comfortably padded and heated massage table, you’ll drape yourself with a sheet and blanket. Only the part of the body being worked on will be uncovered, and your modesty respected.

The table has various settings to provide optimal support and comfort and aromatherapy and heated towels can be added as desired. Sheets and towels are changed and cleaned after each person. Heat and pressure are perceived differently for each individual, so please communicate with me so I can make the proper adjustments to tailor the best massage for you.

You can expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for the massage. For the period of time agreed upon you’ll have the unique experience of having all your muscles kneaded in a full-body massage, or only in specific areas in the case of a session oriented to localized injury, pain or tightness, or sports readiness.

Should I talk during the massage?

Although some people prefer to talk throughout the massage, don’t feel like you have to make conversation with the massage therapist. After all, you’re having a treatment, you’re not at a cocktail party! Feel free to close your eyes and relax.

However, be sure to speak up if the room is too hot or too cold, you experience pain, you have any questions related to the massage or there’s anything you forgot to mention during the consultation.

Please note: medical massage and sports massage are just some of the types of massage that require more feedback. The massage therapist often works on deeper layers of muscle and will want to ensure that the pressure is not uncomfortable.

What if the pressure isn’t deep enough, but I don’t want to insult the therapist’s technique. What should I do?

Communicate openly with the massage therapist. Keep in mind however that it’s a myth that massage therapy has to hurt to be effective.

Some of the most effective types of massage therapy are gentle and do not involve deep pressure or pain. In fact, too much pressure can cause muscles to contract which defeats the purpose of most forms of massage.

Will I feel self-conscious?

In all sessions, I am here to help you feel better, not judge you. We see a variety of people of different shapes and sizes. We work with each person individually and confidentially to ensure that their visit is a pleasant one. Please(I will reinforce / encourage with the utmost compassion and respect) discuss with your therapist your particular interests so that they may customize your session to meet your needs and let you feel comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Will the massage therapist be there when I undress?

No. I will leave the room so that you can disrobe (to your comfort level) and lie on the massage table (usually face down) under the top sheet.

Don’t rush or worry that the massage therapist will walk in on you – I knock and ask if you are ready before entering the massage room.

Will I need to take off my underwear?

Many people prefer to keep their panties or briefs on during a massage, while others prefer to be completely nude. Again, It’s up to you. You need to be able to relax.

In North America, if you do remove your underwear, licensed massage therapists must ensure that you are always properly covered by a sheet or towel. Only the area being massaged will be uncovered.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

Tipping is entirely up to you! It does not change the quality of your massage, It is a way to say Thank you for the service. You can always show your appreciation by referring friends, family and co-workers to the massage therapist.( this sounds like begging to me, I don’t want to get them stress free and them have them worry about tips. – tips are appreciated of course, but if that’s the difference between them coming in an extra session per year, I’d rather provide them with care they need! And feel comfortable!!)

What if I realize I’ve drooled/fallen asleep?

You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last!!! Many people fall into a peaceful slumber during the massage but when they wake up, they notice a pool of drool on the pillow or massage table. This is very common. It often happens when people are being massaged while lying face down on the massage table. Don’t be afraid to ask the massage therapist for a tissue.

What if I get an erection?

Some men avoid massage therapy because they worry that they’ll get an erection. Or they get the massage, but are unable to relax during the massage because of this fear.

But there is no reason to be embarrassed. It’s perfectly normal for men to get an erection during a non-sexual, therapeutic massage.

Gentle touch administered to any area of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and cause a partial or full erection. Your massage therapist (male or female) understands this and will generally ignore it.

How do I know if my massage clinic is a legitimate clinic?

Although you might think massage parlors that offer sensual or erotic massage may look obviously seedy, it can be sometimes be difficult to spot these places.

If you’re trying a new clinic or spa, it’s a good idea to call first and ask these questions:

– Do you offer therapeutic massage?

– Is the massage therapist licensed in the state they are practicing? Up to date with licensure?

– Do you require a health questionnaire of your clients?

– A licensed massage therapist will not come into contact with your genitals or nipples during the massage.